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Sport-Study Swimming – Secondary 1-2

Sport-Study Swimming – Secondary 1-2

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  • Swimming

    Centre sportif la Ruche

    1255, Boul. des Étudiants
    Magog, Qc J1X 3Y6

  • Biking

    Online on Zwift

  • Running

    Running track at La Ruche sports center
    1255, Boul. des Étudiants
    Magog, Qc J1X 3Y6

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you swim, ride or run first?

In a triathlon, you swim, ride and then run. 

How long is a triathlon?

Triathlons differ in distances, depending on the type of triathlon and/or what the organisers have set. The most common distances are listed below:

Sprint Triathlon: 750m swim, 20km ride, 5km run
Olymptic Triathlon: 1500m swim, 40km ride, 10km run
Half Iron Distance Triathlon: 1.9km swim, 90km ride, 21.1km run
Iron Distance Triathlon: 3.8km swim, 180km ride, 42.2km run

Do I need a wetsuit for doing triathlons?

If the water temperature is below 24 degrees then it is optional to wear a wetsuit. The water temp is measured on the morning of the race. However if the races are very short distances and most people are beginners, hardly anyone wears one. If you plan to do other races then it is something you could consider for the future.

What kind of bike/equipment do I need?

You can ride any kind of bike – you don’t need anything fancy to get started. Just be sure it is in good working order by getting a service prior to the race & have your tyres pumped up. It must have gears and brakes.

How should I train?

Joining a triathlon club is the best way to train – you will meet like minded people and have a supportive environment regardless of your ability level.


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